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B.C. Jones is an award winning filmmaker born and raised in Kentucky. His film education began at an early age in the aisles of his Father’s video store. While other kid’s heroes were cartoon characters and action figures, he was busy idolizing John Carpenter, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. His earliest films were shot on super-8 and later created on VHS. From this early age, he absorbed the works of countless film auteurs from every era of cinema and began to discover his own aesthetic through observing the masters at work.

Since earning his degree in film at the Watkins College of Art and Design, B.C. Jones has directed and produced numerous shorts, commercials, music videos, and sketch comedy bits. Two of his short films have been accepted into numerous prestigious film festivals and even won awards. His work has been featured on Crave Online, 366 Weird Movies, and Ain’t it Cool News. He’s worked as a director, a producer, an editor, a first assistant director and a hired screenwriter. In 2005, He produced a music video for the band “Mindless Self Indulgence” which spent three months straight at the top of the myspace music video charts. B.C. Jones has also directed numerous sketches for the comedy duo Red State Update and their creative collaborations have collectively garnered millions of views on youtube.

His films often tackle unusual subject matter and are constructed in a style unique to his personal vision. A filmmaker obsessed with the macabre, the surreal and the absurd; the audacious works of B.C. Jones continue to push the art of cinema to new horizons.

New Music Video for Holtzclaw

Directed, Edited, and was even the cinematographer on this video for the band Holtzcaw featuring Sunny War

Just What I Am

My adventures in cinematography

While I’ve worn many hats in the entertainment industry, I’m now trying my hand at cinematography. I bought a black magic pocket cinema camera and I’m slowly but surely honing my skills at the fine art of cinematography. Check out my first attempts at the links below.

First Week With the BMPCC

Santa Monica Pier

WOP on

Write of Passage is now a permanent resident of

Click Here

Dada featured on

Dada has also been featured on

Check it out by clicking the link here IloveDada

Write of Passage featured on

Write of Passage is featured on

Check it out and read my interview there as well.

Write of Passage Featured on Film Shortage

Film Shortage

Dada is up for short of the week

Short of the Week

Dada featured on AICN

Dada was featured on Ain’t It Cool News this weekend. This is the second short I have had featured on this website.

Dada on AICN

Screenplay Semi-Finalist

My feature length screenplay, Precious Little Things, was an official semi-finalist at Screamfest this year.

Screamfest 2013

Write of Passage featured on 366 Weird Movies

I must make weird films as this is the second short I’ve made to be featured on this site.

Check it Out

New Posters for Short Films

My lovely wife updated my posters to reflect the film festivals the films had played at.


Short Film Reviews

Holman reviewed both “Dada” and “Write of Passage”.

Read The Reviews Here

Write of Passage Featured on Crave Online

Write of Passage has been selected as part of Crave Online’s Weekly Shorts Showcase.

Crave Online

Glowing Short Film Reviews

The Independent Critic has reviewed both “Dada” and “Write of Passage”. Check them out at the links below.

Write of Passage Review

Dada Review

Write of Passage at the Los Angeles United Film Festival

Write of Passage will screen at the Los Angeles United Film Festival on April 30th at 7 p.m. in front of the feature length documentary The Table

United Film Festival

Write of Passage featured on AICN

My short, “Write of Passage”, is part of part of the Saturday Shorts lineup on Ain’t It Cool News today.

Ain’t It Cool

Xmas with a Martian and Gorilla Shout Out

Christmas on an Island with a Martian and Gorilla ranked #12 on the funny Christmas song countdown.

Check it out!

Sister of No Mercy

First episode of my new web series is now available to view on multiple sites.

On Vimeo

On Youtube

On Funny or Die

Write of Passage mentioned on

Write of Passage plays United Film Festival

Write of Passage has been selected to screen in front of the feature film “The Drummond Will” on Tuesday, Sept 13th at 7 p.m. For more information click on the link below

Chicago United Film Festival

Write of Passage at Comic Con

Write of Passage is an official selection of the San Diego Comic Con Independent Film Festival. It will screen on Friday, July 22nd at 8:55 p.m. as part of the Horror/Suspense block. For the complete schedule, click the link below.

Comic Con Film Lineup

Front Yard Fest

Two of my short films will be playing at Front Yard Fest this year on June 25th. Come see a B.C. Jones double feature of “Dada” and “Write of Passage”.

Front Yard Fest Films

West Coast Premiere of “Write of Passage”

Write of Passage is honored to have its West Coast premiere at the prestigious Dances With Films Festival 2011.

Dances With Films

You can order your ticket at the link below.

Dada featured at 366 Weird Movies

My Short Film “Dada” was featured on in their Saturday shorts section.

Dead Center

My short film “Write of Passage” is now an official selection of the 2011 Dead Center Film Festival. The Film Festival will be held June 8-12 in Oklahoma City.

Phoenix Film Festival

My short film “Write of Passage” is now an official selection of the Phoenix Film Festival 2011

Trailer for Write of Passage

Trailer for my film “Write of Passage” currently on the film festival circuit.

New Video

Just completed yet another video for Red State Update for their new Christmas album. Check it out!!!

Website is live

The new website is up and running, there are a few bugs left to attend to so please be patient as we tidy up.

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